Invite New User

Dear Co-Worker, I am glad to report that our company is now a member of the Skurio Partner Program. As a Skurio partner we have access to their Partner Portal,… Continue reading Invite New User

Password Reset

Hey, Someone has requested a password reset for the following account on %%SITE_TITLE%%: Username: %%EMAIL%% If this was a mistake, just ignore this email and nothing will happen. To reset… Continue reading Password Reset

Confirm User Account

Hi %%NAME%%, Thanks for creating your account on %%SITE_TITLE%%. Please confirm your account by following this link: %%CONFIRM_LINK%% Thanks

Partner Account Request

Hi %%NAME%%, Your request for a Partner Account has been sent for review. Once approved, you will be notified with a first-time password reset link to login through the Partner… Continue reading Partner Account Request

Password Changed

Hi %%NAME%%, Your password was successfully changed on the %%SITE_TITLE%% Partner Portal. If you did not change your password, please email us for assistance. Thanks

Skurio Partner Portal : Change Password

Hi %%NAME%%, You have been provided access to the Skurio Partner Portal and Deal Registration System. Your Username is: %%EMAIL%% You can get started by setting your password through the… Continue reading Skurio Partner Portal : Change Password

Partner User already exists on Portal

You just attempted to create a Partner User via Salesforce who already exists in the Partner Portal Partner Name : %%NAME%% Partner User First Name : %%FIRSTNAME%% Partner User Last… Continue reading Partner User already exists on Portal

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